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Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions about New RESFLOR GOLD

Question: What is RESFLOR GOLD?
Answer: RESFLOR GOLD is a combination of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory flunixin meglumine and the antibiotic florfenicol. The florfenicol in RESFLOR GOLD is a unique formulation that allows it to be combined with flunixin meglumine without interfering with the effectiveness of either drug.
Question: How does RESFLOR GOLD differ from Nuflor® (florfenicol) antibiotic and Banamine® (flunixin meglumine) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug?
Answer: As mentioned above, RESFLOR GOLD contains a unique formulation. The antibacterial activity of this formulation is no different than NUFLOR but allows the florfenicol to be combined successfully with flunixin meglumine for convenient dosing.

An interesting feature of this combination is that NUFLOR requires a 6-mL/cwt dose, and BANAMINE requires a 2-mL/cwt dose, for a total of 8-mL/cwt per treatment. RESFLOR, however, requires only a 6-mL/cwt dose.
Question: What is the dosing procedure for RESFLOR GOLD?
Answer: RESFLOR GOLD is administered subcutaneously (SQ) in a single dose of 6 mL.
Question: Could a person mix florfenicol and flunixin meglumine in a single vial to produce RESFLOR GOLD?
Answer: No. Mixed together as individual products, the combination turns gelatinous. This is an adulteration of both products and is not legal. It could not be administered either subcutaneously or intravenously.
Question: What are the benefits of RESFLOR GOLD versus conventional treatment with an antibiotic alone?
Answer: An antibiotic treats the bacterial causes of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) but does not treat the fever and lung inflammation caused by bacterial toxins. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory is needed for that.

RESFLOR GOLD treats both the cause and symptoms of BRD to help ensure the lungs are protected against lasting damage that could result in performance setback, a chronic condition, or mortality.
Question: Why is fever a problem?
Answer: Typically cattle with fever go off feed and may not drink water either. Reducing fever makes them feel better, so they will continue eating and drinking, which aids their recovery. With RESFLOR GOLD, cattle often show visible improvement within six hours after treatment.
Question: Why is lung inflammation a problem?
Answer: During the inflammation process, the body’s defense mechanisms attempt to prevent the infection from spreading. These mechanisms, however, can actually cause extensive lung tissue damage before their fight is over. Intervention with RESFLOR GOLD can help limit inflammation before the whole process leaves lasting consequences.
Question: When should RESFLOR GOLD be used?
Answer: It is important to understand that cattle lungs are remarkably small for the size of the animal. Any lung tissue lost to BRD is a major loss to the animal’s health and performance. So, RESFLOR GOLD is recommended at the first signs of infection rather than for “worst case” scenarios.